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Online Trading Platform


An online platform facilitating company registration and product showcasing. A platform created for Africans by Africans to enable buyers and sellers do business with authentic and verified companies and give buyers a wider range of African products and services.

Key Features

  • User-friendly Company Registration Process
  • Seamless Product Upload Interface
  • Advanced Search and Filter Options: search by country, category, general search.
  • Secure Payment Gateways: PeoplesPay payment gateway & PAPSS.
  • Verified Business Profiles: Registered companies go through a strict background check to ensure authenticity and gain a verification check mark.
  • Analytics Dashboard for Sellers: have access to how many views your product is getting, sales and customer satisfactions.



Providing a platform for African business to showcase their products and services on wider scale.


Giving buyers access to authentic African companies and service providers.

Secure Payment System:

Utilising the PAPSS payment platform to make easy payments across Africa.

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TradePayAfrica is enabling individuals to register on this platform to enable them become representative of their respective countries. Connecting to TradePayAfrica is a straightforward process. To learn more and start the process of becoming a Direct or Indirect Participant, click on the Register Now button below.

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