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National Digital Tax System (DIGITax®)

The National Digital Tax System, DIGITax® serves as an efficient, reliable and fair tax collection platform for monitoring online trade transactions between merchants (local and international) and customers located in a country. The system is embedded with remarkable features that helps eliminate the issue of evasion and default in relation to tax collection procedures. This is achieved by the availability of an API connectivity which enables the various participating aggregators such as banks and telcos to interface with the system to identify, deduct and remit on a real-time basis, applicable taxes in full from all online transactions. Therefore, the platform ensures smooth data transfer of tax revenue transactional details to the appropriate internal revenue systems.

Features of DIGITax®

DIGITax® has all the necessary features required for mobilizing and monitoring tax revenue pertaining to online trade transactions between merchants (local and international) and customers located in the country including:

API Mechanism

This enables participating aggregators including banks and telcos to interface with the system to remit taxes in full with transactional details in realtime to the appropriate internal revenue systems.

Data dashboard

The dashboard visually tracks, analyzes and displays key data points to monitor transactions between merchants (local and international) and customers located in the country.

Report features

The platform’s unique functionality and capability include default system generated reports for effective management decision-making processes. Additional customized and ad-hoc reports can be designed to meet client’s requirement.

Transactions View

The transactions view provides detailed information on every transaction made by individuals including the Product Service, Tax Payer Identification Number, Tax Amount, Merchant Name, Payment Mode, Transaction Date and the Transaction status.

Audit Logs

The platform will monitor all users' profiles to manage users access to the system. The Registry will have the ability to log actions of users, to ensure transparency and a defense of records for compliance, record integrity and accuracy, system protection from misuse or harm, and security of sensitive or vital information. Implementing audit trails on user search activities while logged in the system promotes appropriate user behavior, which can prevent the improper use of information, and unauthorized use of information.


The security features of the system will be implemented to ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to the platform hence compliant with all complex methods of security policy requirement. User roles and profile will be modeled to categorize users into various groups to ensure the protection of sensitive data. All user actions are tracked in the event log provided at the back-end for auditing or audit purposes. The application is secured using hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS) to ensure integrity and confidentiality of data transfer from the participating aggregators and the appropriate internal revenue systems.

SMS Alert

The system is designed with an SMS functionality which ensures that customers involved in digital transactions are immediately informed about their obligatory tax deductions from their account. The system also ensures that customers receive SMS alert after a successful tax remittance to ensure transparency in using the system.


Accessibility to a wider tax base

The system will ensure that the growing number of citizens involved in online transactions fulfil their tax paying obligations thereby enhancing tax compliance in the country’s digital economy.

Increased Revenue

The system serves as an efficient and reliable means for increasing revenue for the government by eliminating the issue of evasion and default associated with inefficient tax collection procedures.

Realtime transaction data analysis

Authorized users of the system will be able to access analytical details of transactions in real time on the dashboard with graphical representations.

Safe and transparent transactions

The system makes smooth tax remittances from the various aggregators to the appropriate internal revenue system void of fiscal discrepancies and fraud.


The system has inbuilt security features including Passwords, Log in Encryption/Validation and a Tracking Mechanism of all activity in the system (Log History) to ensure protection of sensitive data.