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ID Verification System (GVIVE®)

Bsystems has provided an online ID verification system known as GVIVE® that enable institutions and agencies curb identity theft by detecting, avoiding and managing fraudulent activities.

Collateral Registry Systems (CRS)

CRS is a system in which creditors such as financial institutions, leasing companies and private lenders can give notice of their security interest in the movable goods of an enterprise or individual.

HR/ Payroll system

iHRMS and Payroll/SMART HR Payroll is an integrated human resource management and payroll application developed to enhance efficiency in human resource management whiles making payroll processing easier and more reliable.

Financial Mgt and Reporting System (FMRS)

A reporting system that enables institutions generate financial and treasury based reports. FMRS, is an extremely flexible and powerful reporting tool, branded to help meet your business needs.

Invoice Central

This is an innovative database system engineered to provide a structured platform for convenient interaction between financial service providers and contract awarders with respect to invoice information confirmation/verification.

Cheque and Card Report System (CCRS)

Cheque and Card System facilitates the processing of cards and cheque books throughout the production life cycle. CCRS has the capability to track requests and give feedback to clients.