PRECISE FINANCIAL SYSTEMS LTD. is an indigenous software development company.PFS' innovative and world-class solutions are running thousands of computers, serving numerous clients both in Nigeria and in twenty-seven (27) countries in Africa. Their cutting edge environmentally friendly software technologies include an integrated account reconciliation solution; cheque and e-payment processing, security & remittance solution; end-to-end outward and inward cheque clearing solutions; cheque micrisation and personalization solution; banking and finance solution; bonds and financial derivatives trading and monitoring solution; bureau de change solution; cooperative societies solution; stock brokering solution; billing and revenue collection solution. Others include card issuance and monitoring systems; self-service cheque, cash, & card deposit and withdrawal solution; pension remittance monitoring solution; project appraisal and monitoring solution. Through these ingenious solutions, PFS has successfully positioned herself as a foremost force in the financial software development space of the nation.

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