Invoice central

Invoice Central

Discover how you can instantly check and confirm invoices, with Bsystems' Invoice Central Solution.

About Invoice Central

Invoice Central allows suppliers/ contractors who wish to use invoices to secure financial support for their operations to raise the details of their invoices in the system for the confirmation of their employers at their own convenience. Once confirmed, the confirmation information automatically becomes available to the contractor’s banker for that purpose bringing efficiency, convenience and transparency to the process. Invoice Central will significantly improve the operations of the financial sector and by extension to the many other businesses and industries that directly or indirectly benefit from a responsive, efficient and informed financial services sector.


Quick, secure, easy lending:

With Invoice Central financial institutions can offer short term funding to a wide variety of contractors and service providers, with a confirmed source of repayment within a short time. This offers quick turnaround time.

Avoid Risk

With the Invoice Central, discounting transactions become less risky than an ordinary working capital loan from a bank’s perspective and therefore will attract less interest which will in turn influence the contractors’ cost.

Long credit days:

Our Invoice Central solution has the potential to improve working capital situation of employers in that if contractors are able to easily obtain working capital financing, they will be able to offer longer credit days to the employers.