With its focus on ICT infrastructures, Huawei continuously drives innovations based on requirements raised by customers from finance, energy, power, transportation, governments, public utilities, and other industries. By providing ICT products and solutions that can be easily integrated by our partners, Huawei helps enterprise customers improve the efficiency of their communication, work, and production systems while reducing their operating costs.

To adapt to the revolutionary changes that are taking place in the information industry, Huawei is making strategic adjustments to better serve its customers. Huawei has extended the reach of its innovative offerings from the telecom carrier network field to the enterprise and consumer fields. To this end, Huawei has coordinated the development of the "cloud-pipe-device" business and put considerable resources towards providing large capacity and intelligent information networks, a variety of smart devices, as well as new-generation business platforms and applications to offer users an efficient, environmentally friendly, and innovative information-based experience. Huawei will remain focused on customer needs as they continue to innovate, openly cooperate with partners, and deepen commitments to providing telecom carriers, enterprises, and consumers with integrated solutions, products, and services. We will also continue to enhance the user experience, create maximum value for our customers, enrich life through communication, and improve work efficiency

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