GVIVE® - Identity Verification System

With GVIVE® institutions can verify the validity of customers ID before agreeing to transact business with them.

About GVIVE®

GVIVE® is an online Identity Verification System that integrates with ID database systems enabling true and real-time verification of people to curb identity theft, manage and avoid fraudulent activities. Our Identity Verification System offers financial and other institutions, the ability to authenticate ID cards customers present to them before agreeing to transact business with the bearer at the initial point of contact.

GVIVE® is a web-based system that can be accessed on any device connected to the internet. This makes the application easily accessible to all authorized users. Bsystems has collaborated with the Electoral Commission, Passport Office, Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority and Social Security and National Insurance Trust to bring the Biometric Voter ID, Biometric Passport, Driver Licence and Biometric SSNIT ID online.


GVIVE® Bulk Upload

Another useful extension to GVIVE® which aids businesses with large sums of unidentified data. GVIVE® Bulk Upload is capable of verifying over 100,000 records within minutes.

APIs Integration

Deploy quickly into any application using GVIVE® APIs. We have developed Robust APIs with multiple integration options


Our ID Verification System assists businesses comply with Anti- Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism(AML/CFT) standards as set by the Financial Action Task Force(FAFT).


With GVIVE® mobile, ID verification can be done anywhere and anytime.


To ensure security, all communication within GVIVE® is encrypted via an SSL channel.

Know Your Customer

GVIVE® enables businesses satisfy industry regulations such as Know Your Customer.


Mitigate fraud potential

GVIVE® ensures that identities of customers’ are authentic, to prevent identity theft. GVIVE® provides authentic ID information, from a legitimate data source.

Instant ID Verification

GVIVE® enables real-time verification to check the validity of ID's presented

Easy To Implement

GVIVE® is accessible on all major browsers and is available 24/7. Subscription to our solution takes less than 30 minutes..