Check and Card

Cheque and Card Request System (CCRS)

Automate Cheque and Card request with our CCRS Customer care Solutions.

Cheque and Card Request System (CCRS)

Cheque and Card Request System facilitates processing of cards and cheque books throughout the production life cycle. From time of initial request to time of actual delivery. CCRS is a customer care solution comprising of five distinct and inter-linked processes. Each process is a sequential part of the system workflow, starting from initial request at a branch and ending with delivery of cheque/card to the customer. With CCRS you can track the progress of requests.


Easy to use

With CCRS, your customers can request for new cheques books and cards from the comfort of their homes.


Our solution eliminates the complex activities involved in request and delivery of cheques. With CCRS requests are simple and quick.

Manage Prints

CCRS you are able to route your printing jobs to another printing vendor seamlessly without any challenge.

Accurate Issuance

CCRS analyses and checks all request jobs and handles them properly to ensure accurate issuance of cheque books and cards.

Enhanced encryption

All print jobs are encrypted with secure socket layers. Ensuring all cards and cheque book requests are secured.

Manage Progress

Cheque and Card Request System instantly informs financial institutions on the progress of cheques and cards requests, and priority on such requests.